If you have ever wanted to be able to self help you and your family’s health, you need to read this because...

Now you can learn how to use some gentle, but powerful natural remedies efficiently and effectively in the comfort of your own home.

The tissue salts are very powerful, yet gentle, safe and effective natural remedies that empower every family who uses them. You can resolve a multitude of health disorders with them.

Hello there

People are becoming less healthy with each passing year. Despite all the billions spent on research and health care all over the world, there has never been such a high percentage of people with serious ailments. Diabetes is exploding. Heart disease is the number one cause of death. Virtually everyone knows of someone who has cancer. Epidemics seem to be occurring every year.

What’s going on?

You may well ask.

Health is complex. We really know little about it. But what the statistics do tell us is that the current health care system is not working. Not only is it not working, but medications are creating side effects in those who take them, as well as being toxic to the environment. It is estimated that all public water is now contaminated with the residue of medical drugs.

That means, all of us are taking a cocktail of drugs, unwittingly.

There is a better way!

People are frightened about their health. This means they are easily controlled and inhibited by these fears. But fear comes from a lack of knowledge. When you begin to understand the complexities of health, then the fear evaporates.

To start building your knowledge, you may feel you have to go back to college. But you don’t.

There is a way that is effective, natural, non toxic to both the patient and the environment. It works by stimulating the immune system. And it’s called homeopathy.

Homeopathy is gentle, but acts deeply. It is as effective as treating chronic disease as it is at treating acute emergencies.

But, for someone new to alternative health, homeopathy can look daunting. The remedy count is constantly rising. I believe it currently stands at around 5,000. You need to think in a different way to how most trained health professionals think, to be able to use it effectively. And all that can take time.

You are better off having regular consultations with a professional homeopath until your health is good and you know how it works. Then you can start to look at the common remedies that are so useful in treating typical family complaints - colds, fevers, sunburn, bites, injuries and so on.

But I am a great believer in empowering people. You may not want to wait that long. Your family certainly isn’t going to. By taking back control of your own health, rather than leaving it to others, you will become healthier, wiser and happier.

If you have never embarked on this self help journey, but have always wanted to, one of the best ways to start is with the tissue salts. They are easy to learn about, economical to buy and there are only 12 of them.

What are the Tissue Salts and Why Were They Created?

The tissue salts are also known as cell salts or the Schuessler salts, and the system is known as biochemic. They were invented by a German homeopath who wanted to empower the average person to treat themselves of many ailments. He was Dr Schuessler.

He discovered that the physical body contains (and requires) 12 inorganic salts or minerals, to operate efficiently. Without any one of these, problems occur. These include growth disorders, hyper-acidity, recurring infections, skin eruptions, lax tissues leading to prolapses and a multitude of other pathological disorders.

As he found these minerals were needed in material, or near material doses, giving them in homeopathic form (mostly non-material or energetic) wouldn’t necessarily help. The source was more dietary. But even then, he found that a diet rich in the required mineral could still leave a person deficient. It came down to two important points;

  1. does the diet contain the necessary mineral salts
  2. is the body able to absorb them.

To give an example, iron (and any other mineral) supplements are not absorbed easily. Raw minerals cannot be digested and utilised by the body. Instead, minerals fertilise the soil, allowing plants to take them up. Eating plants rich in iron is easily absorbed and utilised by the body.

This is important to understand, as most of the supplements on the market today are in a mineral form, often made in a laboratory. This means they do little good. And can do a lot of mischief.

For example, flooding your system with a mineral iron supplement if anaemic, will give you a copper deficiency. It will also interfere with your cobalt levels which influence your vitamin B12 levels.

Everything in nature is interlinked. Every nutrient is co-dependent on many others. You can’t do any good with a single, isolated nutrient.

Staying with the example of iron, most people probably do have enough iron in their food (as it’s very common in most soils) to potentially provide for all their needs. So how then do people become anaemic? The answer lies in their lack of ability to absorb the iron. They have an inner imbalance.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Madeleine Innocent. I am the author of The Natural Treatment of Disease - An Introduction For Home Use. I qualified as a homeopath in the year 2000. I’ve been in full time practice ever since and I love what I do. This is my third career, and definitely the most fulfilling.

I use homeopathy exclusively in my clinic, because it is so fast in its action and so complete in its cure. I know of no better system. Having said that, I do make some recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle, if I see a disturbing trend in these areas.

I have always run home prescribing classes to teach people how to use some of the common remedies at home. I love to empower people, so they can do what they can before calling on the services of a professional practitioner.

Homeopathy can treat every known condition, because it treats the patient, not the disease, because it works at restoring harmony where there is imbalance.

Colds, fevers, injuries, bites, headaches, all the common complaints every family experiences can often be fully resolved under good homeopathic home prescribing. Viruses, bacterias, fungal infections can disappear as fast as they appear.

But there is more to health than taking even a homeopathic remedy, to restore order.

Most people don’t eat good, nutritious food. Most people, are nutritionally deficient in at least one area. Even those who consider they eat really well, rarely do. The current dietary information, at least in the west, is fraught with myths and misinformation. Not necessarily deliberately. But it is still contributing to your ill health.

Add to this, the current farming methods, and it’s a great testament to the ability of the body to adapt to the environment. But it does go a long way in explaining the abundance of ill health, globally.

The current farming methods do not care for the soil. They don’t supply the soil with all the minerals necessary to make healthy plants. The produce looks good. But it is nutritionally deficient.

Organic farming goes a long way to address this imbalance. In an Australian experiment done some years ago, it was found that nutrient levels were anywhere between 10 - 100 times higher in the organically produced vegetable compared with the same supermarket bought vegetable.

Good though it is, organic farming is not the whole solution.

Introducing my exclusively downloadable 
  Natural Treatment of Disease

Image of Tissue Salt Edition

Why Can’t Some People Absorb Iron or Other Minerals?

Health is complex. So is food. Despite our huge technological advances, we still little understand the complexities of life. The medical profession looks upon a body very like a mechanic does a car. Take a malfunctioning part out and replace it and all is well. The trouble is, all is not well.

The body is also an energy being. And it is this energy that is somehow disturbed and so prevents full, glorious health.

It is this energy that homeopaths target to restore health to the sick, on mental, emotional and physical grounds.

Homeopathic medicines do this by their very nature. They are made by imparting into the medicine the energy of its source. This is known as potency, or strength. Most homeopathic medicines are taken beyond any physical properties of the source.

However, the tissue salts aren’t.

How Can You Address an Inner Imbalance?

The tissue salts still contain molecules of their source - the mineral or mineral salt. But they also contain some energy as they have been potentised a little. This means they are part material, part energy.

This is ideal as it means the material side addresses any lack in the diet, while the energy side addresses the inner imbalance, the body’s inability to digest and utilise what is in the diet.

Over time, the body’s inability to utilise the mineral or mineral salt is resolved. The imbalance is cured. Now all you have to do is to eat nutritious food.

The 12 tissue salts each have an affinity to a particular type of person. This can be seen in their ailments, in their body type, in their personality and in their facial features. Every part of us reflects the whole. This is at the heart of iridology and reflexology. All you have to do is to understand how to interpret what the parts are telling you.

Here's what others say about this.

I think your book is an excellent intro to the tissue salts, very clearly written and laid out, with plenty of information kept brief and to the point.  (I don't like material padded out for the sake of it.)
I like the way you give the themes, and the keywords especially, and appropriate foods.  And as I expected I've learned something new from you:  I didn't know that one pillule would suffice, but of course it makes sense from the energetic point of view; and I didn't know about facial typing.
I've used the tissue salts for donkey's years.  It's easy and inexpensive to keep the full set.  And I would say that yours is the book I would recommend to anybody wanting to learn about biochemics - honest, no bull!
 Ann T, UK

I have a variety of problems that I have been treating, but your descriptions and also the examples were very helpful in helping me decide which to use. I have (had) extreme pain in my knees due to arthritis destroying the cartilage. They want to do knee replacements, but I have refused. My belief - something caused it, something can cure it. I have to admit, I was beginning to waver because of weariness from the pain, but when I read your book, I had hope to try again. I started with the one because of some small detail I read and within a week, I do not have the excruciating pain with each step and there is more flexibility. I am h-a-p-p-y! Thank you!
Anonymous response to a survey

Look upon an Illness as an Opportunity to Learn

This exclusively downloadable The Natural Treatment of Disease, I teach you how to identify which tissue salt to use.

This is a wonderful start to using homeopathy. It is easy to get your head around, it doesn’t take long to grasp the ideas, yet it is very different. When you start to use the tissue salts you will often wonder if the ailment really was there. Why? Because it can disappear without a trace.

The more you use the tissue salts, the more experience you have, the greater your abilities will become.

Being Informed Means You Can Adapt to The Dynamics of Health

Uninformed people want to be healthy, but don’t know how. They stay on the treadmill of ignorance, blissfully unaware that not only are they creating the problem, but that the solution is within easy grasp.

Informed people can see a crisis in the making and respond appropriately to prevent it occurring.

I encourage you to start on your journey of self health.

The tissue salts work as well on animals as they do on people. You can treat your pets’ ailments successfully and save yourself a great deal of $$ in veterinary fees.

Eva’s Story

Eva first turned to alternative health after a particularly bad bout of flu. She had been getting flu regularly for the last two years. Her GP had her on antibiotics, but they drained what little energy she had. And she developed stomach cramps. Then she tried the flu vaccine. Not only did she get the flu, but this time it was really bad, with a high fever.

A friend suggested she try the tissue salts, to prevent any further bouts. Her friend was getting good results with her use of them, so she worked out what she felt Eva needed.

Eva started taking it straight away. That was the end of her episodes of flu. Three years on, she has never had another bout of flu, although she does get a very slight hint of one coming occasionally, but the tissue salt immediately puts paid to it.

Since then, Eva has bought her own selection of tissue salts and has learned how to use them. Just as her friend helped her, she now helps her friends and family. She is particularly proud of her treatment of the chronic arthritis her dog had. This has been fully resolved with the prudent use of a single tissue salt.

Don’t Wait For a Crisis

Don’t wait until you have a crisis on your hands. Start being informed today. It’s a lot easier for everyone, including yourself, when you approach any crisis with a clear, well informed mind. Your calm influences everyone else, including the patient.

What Are the Benefits You Can Expect?

Here are just some of the ailments you can treat successfully with what you will learn of the tissue salts:

  • fissures
  • bone pain, growing pains
  • hard swellings
  • deficient tooth enamel
  • painful menstrual cramps
  • colds, flus
  • discharges
  • recurring infections
  • stomach cramps
  • swollen glands
  • anaemia
  • headaches
  • indigestion, reflux
  • oedemas, fluid filled sacs
  • and much more

When you realise what health benefits you can gain from these remedies, when you realise the absurd economy of using them, it’s hard to understand why everyone isn’t using them. Certainly their health would benefit if they were.

Image of Tissue Salt Edition

I Want You to Receive Value For Money

You probably don’t know me, so why should you trust me? For that reason, I have made the risk miniscule for you. The price of $20 is an easy option for everyone. But it also has a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee with it.

Why do I offer this guarantee? Because I understand the frustration people feel with the current mainstream treatment of health. To that end, I want to make it easy for you to get started on using homeopathy successfully, but without risk to you.

It's really very easy to order.

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So now it's down to you.



PS  Seriously, I want you to use the tissue salts effectively. Then, if I’m lucky, you'll give me a testimonial, with some lovely examples of how you overcame something serious. This will help spread the word. Then more people will discover how to self help for healthier lives and as a result will spend less on health care. It good for you, the environment and me.

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